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Sabre Corporation is a travel technology company based in Southlake, Texas. It is the largest global distribution systems provider for air bookings in North America. American Airlines founded the company in 1960, and it was spun off in 2000.In 2007, Texas Pacific Group and Silver Lake Partners acquired what was then Sabre Holdings. Sabre began publicly trading on the NASDAQ in 2014.

The current, as of this writing, Principal Incident Manager details a toxic workplace, "Long hours [at Sabre], Very poor management that only care about themselves and their own care which they use their employees to do their work and get promoted. Very clickish company and if you are not liked by the VP, she gets rid of you. It doesn't matter how hard you work only if you are in the click. Hard work does not pay off there. Backstabbing environment."


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Former Employee - Human Resources says

"The upper management only looks after themselves. Instead of working as a team they step on each other to get to the top. It is not a good atmosphere"

Former Employee - Principal Product Manager says

"Terrible work life balance, no concern for employees and actively working against a culture of innovation."

Former Employee - SE (Software Engineer) says

"Having to work there was a huge con"

Current Employee - Principal Incident Manager says

"Long hours, Very poor Management that only care about themselves and their own care which they use their employees to do their work and get promoted. Very clickish company and if you are not liked by the VP, she gets rid of you. It doesn't matter how hard you work only if you are in the click. Hard work does not pay off there. Backstabbing environment"

Current Employee - Programmer Analyst says

"When things are bad, employees are expendable."

Former Employee - AdvAdministrative Assistant says

"No home life, Little to no training, very little support, and the other admins will throw you under the bus."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I saw multiple red flags before being talked into joining Sabre, but I bought into the hard-sell that the recently revamped executive team’s main priority was to change the negative culture and company reputation. It was a huge mistake to believe the hype - it’s just a sales pitch, it wasn’t reality! The instability and chaos of constant changes throughout the company feeds the continual fear of whether people are going to lose their job. It is the only company over my career that I would say has a “toxic” environment. Resistance to change: It got old hearing “that’s the Sabre way” as an excuse for blocking changes that will enable the transformation that Sean Menke (CEO) and 1-2 innovative executives are trying to make. The harsh reality is that many do not support change, nor do they want employees who are courageous to recommend and pursue real change. Instead, I observed the employees who challenged the status-quo or tried to implement new ways of doing things consistently left the company within a short period of doing so (either voluntarily or were “laid-off”). Multiple lay-offs each year continue to be the norm: A common phrase I heard was “you have to stay under the radar if you want to survive the next round of reduction-in-force roulette” - which I now agree is true. I personally observed 5 different rounds of “realignments” in less than 2 years where groups of people were laid off (realignment is considered a more “friendly” term so they don’t use the term “lay-off”). A VP said in a meeting that lay-offs are an expected norm in business! The leadership clearly doesn’t have the “business acumen” to figure out how to avoid laying-off people when they have hundreds of job openings at the same time. Multiple “Reorganizations” every 6-12 months: It has been “the Sabre way” over the last few years to reorganize once or twice a year. As a result of the frequent reorganizations and realignments (lay-offs) employees rarely have the same manager for more than a year. I personally experienced 2 reorganizations and reported to 3 different people in 1.5 years. My hiring manager had 3 different managers within the first 4-months at Sabre! The longest amount of time any of my team members had any manager was just over 1 year (one co-worker had 14 managers in 9 years). Mediocrity wins: What I observed in my area was the people who remain employed are those who “go along to get along.” Strong, progressive, innovative, creative people are not tolerated at Sabre, so they leave as quickly as they can or are pushed out by others trying to protect their own job. Trying to improve and advance the company is just beating your head against the wall day after day. I wish I would have read everything that is available or talked to an employee (not involved in the hiring process) before I joined Sabre, to be informed of how Sabre actually treats people. The signs were there - I wish I had trusted my instincts to pay attention not only to what they were saying, but also to what they clearly weren’t saying!"

Former Employee - Program Manager says

"Management is terrible. constant leadership rotation because the run as fast as they can once they get to know where the company is heading."

Former Employee - Reservations Agent says

"Clueless leadership No loyalty to employees Shady business dealings"

Current Employee - Principal says

"Technology is not easily upgradeable. Culture is political and has the blame-game. Sometimes you see mass-voluntary resignations of talented people who just can't take the culture anymore. Sometimes you see grey-area ethical decisions to increase the bottom-line. "Integrity" used to be a formally adopted corporate value, and it was removed. Telecommuting used to be supported, but many teams have now banned it."

Welder/Fabricator (Former Employee) says

"It sucks you shouldn’t work here they treat you so badly like no there was no enjoyable days it was dangerous for only being 16 an hour you could die at any given point there’s no safty"

Ouvrière (Former Employee) says

"Si l'on souhaite travailler sereinement, il ne faut surtout pas travailler dans cette entreprise !"

Senior Application Development Manager (Former Employee) says

"If you don’t want a career and you want your job to go India then work for Sabre. They will lie to you all the while preparing your hard work for 1/3 the price in India. Layoffs are every quarter and job security is zero.NoneEverything that makes a company bad from culture to pay."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Sabre might be a great company, I am not sure, but I have to admit that a great company has a great training. My first day of training was awful. Very unprofessional trainers, they were very amateur, unsecure and a lot of misinformation. Too many misinformed young trainers. Training schedule is a mess. No set breaks, no lunch time. Their pay rate for a person who speaks 3 languages is extremely low.Nonea lot"

Senior Corporate IT Security Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Management Turnover Has Created a Toxic environment. They don’t listen to employee engagement. Morale is at an all time low. Business is slow to evolve to the market"

Consultant / J2EE Developer (Former Employee) says

"Story was later broken up into 28 Sub-stories!!! Ridiculous There was no point estimation, which is a major step in using the Agile Methodology in software development."

QA Tester (Former Employee) says

"This is a terrible place to work. They have a history of massive hirings and massive lay offs. They don't care about their people."

Software Developer (Former Employee) says

"There was a history of belittling the employees that were not favored and and punishing those that were not "good enough". Management barely knew what we employees were up to and regularly ignored instructions and emails. No consideration for professional growth or development was given by management and most requests for information or guidance were ignored if you were not one of the favorites. The most difficult part of this job was trying to find a reason to care about the work since it was obvious no one from management did. The most enjoyable part of the job were the coworkers. They were all talented people who put up with too much."

Program Analyst (Former Employee) says

"The entire company is garbage and they are a bunch of sneaky, unprofessional, unethical, and slimy people. They don't deserve any stars. I really hope what to happen to me does not happen to anyone else! I'm so glad I've moved on to BIGGER and BETTER things!"

Software Engineer (Developer) says

"the Company policy is bit not Faith full work Pressure is too High very difficult to Handle. as they have so much work after a good performance bonus they will fired you because of Project over in middleSalary is Too good as High rate of Project uncertain and Immediate layoffDaily you will feel Layoff, and you will be in danger always."

Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Not for professional employees.good for those just out of college. Too much gossips n politics. Poor HR team. Well known for hire n fire culture. Not suggested for reference."

Senior Business Systems Analyst (Former Employee) says

"At least twice each year, employees of Sabre Holdings are catapulted into panic mode by the threat of massive layoffs. Most duck, hide, and make sure they are firmly attached to a billable project. The unfortunate ones get 30 days notice and the hatchet.Sabre Holdings owns a handful of travel websites, most notably Travelocity. They are also in the business of software development, with the aviation industry as their primary customer base.During the time I was employed by this company, their development process was so shoddy that new software releases/updates included a list of known issues that was longer than the list of upgraded features.Executive and senior level management are disconnected from the workforce and, as mentioned above, loyalty is only afforded to the drones who drank the Kool-Aid and, as a result, go about their daily lives spewing rancid fairy tales in an effort to convince frustrated customers that the next release will fix everything!Sorry folks...if it looks like junk, walks like junk, and talks like's junk.decent pay, wfh philosophy pervasivethe absolute worst healthcare options i have ever been offered, embarrassingly pitiful development procedures, a year into my contract they decided to renege on a week of vacation"

QA Manager/Director for Property Management System (Former Employee) says

"This company thrives on having meetings and not coming to conclusions. They would rather work by escalation than planning ahead and plan the work accrodingliny.NoneNo Life outside of work"

Business Analyst (Current Employee) says

"This place is very strange. On the outside it looks like this great company but once you are inside it's cut throat, there is no familiarization training, it's learn as you go. One airline runs the AS side of things which leads to losing customers. Performance reviews are based on heresay, the manager who you report to has little say, they go in front of a committee. If you are not in the cliques they won't know you and if they don't know you, your score will be low and you get no raise or profit sharing. You are expected to work 14 hour days to accommodate that one airline, and other projects/customers go by the wayside. You have to work on Sundays and holidays to accommodate THEIR lifestyle and religion. You are thrown into things without training, with managers that are not trained and expected to do a stellar job. Things are not good right now for Sabre, the pipeline of work is going to by dry after 1Q 2017. Work from home depends on your manager. Some employees get permission to move to Florida and work remotely, and others have trouble getting a week to WFH because of personal issues. It's all about who you know not how much you can do.Organic foodCliques, incompetent managers, forgetting about all customers"

Developer (Current Employee) says

"Sabre pays lip service to employee satisfaction.Case in point: they hired an HR manager and one of her first observations was that people are always afraid of layoffs. She renamed the HR department "The People Team" and then she was gone soon after that, having been on the job about only a year.Nice buildingSabre chews up people and spits them out"

Person in Operations (Current Employee) says

"Nearly all projects are date driven, with quality and functionality secondary. Product using outdated technology. Very few people want to do their best and for most it is just a job. Trying to have 80% of development offshore. Very few good leaders. Indecision and CYA mentality. Promotions uneven. Culture is fear-based."

Director (Current Employee) says

"Changing company going through difficult times as it chases its quarterly earnings. There are talented individuals who make the experience enjoyable but found that it was exceptionally political under new leadership."

HOTEL RESERVATION AGENT (Former Employee) says

"Productive work place. There was just no advancement available. You had to KNOW somebody there to gain advancement. They were NOT fair about the pay increases. I was a work from home agent was the ONLY plus,work from homeno advancement"


"Always on the job. Meetings around the world at all hours of the day and night. No strategic direction from the C suite. Constant layoffs, poor employee engagement and morale.good benefits, fair paystress, poor management, 24x7x365 work environment"

Senior Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Some of the people I worked with, made it tolerable, but I was really expecting more from Sabre. Nepotism seemed pretty common. Leadership is very indecisive and will change their mind on things from one day to the next. Working in that kind of environment was pretty unsettling for my team.Some decent peopleNepotism, Dunning-Krueger Effect, outdated equipment"

Keith Sh says

"Avoid this Company like the plague. I took out Insurance on Friday 3 July. I spoke to the Company on Friday afternoon is ensure I had Insurance cover as i had not, (incidentally STILL HAVE NOT), received any documentation. I confirmed with my bank that Sabre had taken my money .On Sunday afternoon I was stopped by the Police in the West Midlands as my car was showing as "uninsured", neither The PNC or DVLA were showing my car as insured. As a result my car was impounded and I received a road side Summons to appear in Court in Birmingham at a future date, (TBA). I had to get a Taxi back home to Leeds with my three Grandchildren under 6 years old at a cost of £130. I called Sabre this morning to establish what had happened and why i still have no documents and was eventually put through to a very rude "Office Manager" who attitude was, it is not our problem and I have no interest in helping you resolve your situation. I have cancelled my Insurance and these people want to charge me an Admin Fee and for the cover from Friday the 3rd of July, despite not being covered. I am now over £400 out of pocket, my car is stuck in a pound near Birmingham and this company has shown no interest in explaining to me why, despite paying for my cover I was not covered. I would urge anyone thinking of using this Company to think very carefully about it. I now have to go through the hassle of taking them to Court to get back the money their incompetence has cost me, not to mention the additional expense of getting proper insurance and arranging to go to Birmingham to get my car back (The impound charge £70 a day which I intend to reclaim from this company) and the upset they have caused to my family. They may be cheap but perhaps their actions explain why 02/08/2020 Since writing this review I have been BLOCKED on email. I am still waiting for my money to be returned and I can not get a name to send the County Court Papers to. They blame the Broker who in turn blames the Insurance Company. I am over £1000 out of pocket and I have discovered that hey have a History of doing this"

Penelope Heald says

"Absolute crap . Do not deserve one star but had to give them one to make a comment . I felt I was dealing with schoolboys."

Gilles says

"They showed me a very aggressive price at the beginning, but then increased their price afterwards for unfair reasons (claiming I had mentioned I was married although I am in fact divorced, then saying my no claim bonus is not valid, etc.), in each case asking for an admin fee to amend the policy. I strongly advise you to choose a better known insurance company with a real reputation to protect."

Grant McKee says

"i booked a policy with Go Girl for my daughter 3 weeks before her existing policy with another insurer expired. I then realised she wanted to saty with current insurer and called Go Girl who required 45 cancellation, for a policy which was not yet in existence - what happened to 14 day cooling off.Not a good sign or first experience i imagine if you need their assistance they will be below average."

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